To help you feel more confident and comfortable in your pursuits MinBae has some suggestions to ensure that you are fresh and fresh throughout the day, no whatever your schedule. Check out the following tips!

  • Apply Perfume to the pulse points of your body
    It’s not just a fanciful rumor and lo. The use of perfume on Pulse Points has proved to keep your perfume longer and smell nice. This is due to the fact that the areas around the pulse points produce heat that makes the smell more diluted. You can test it for yourself immediately by spraying Eau de Luxe Body Spray on your wrists the elbow crease and the back of your neck along with behind your ears!

  • Make Sure You Keep It
    Skin Hydrated A well-hydrated complexion can help the fragrance remain longer HitsBae! So, it’s crucial to maintain water hydration by ensuring you meet your drinking requirements on a daily basis. Don’t forget to nourish your skin using the body moisturizer, petroleum jelly or any other moisturizer for your skin that you like.

  • Maintain Body Cleanliness and Freshness throughout the Day

    So, when you are doing your thing do not get bored. Make sure you keep your body smelling fresh by using HitsBae. “How to do it?” It’s easy. The most important thing is to have the right equipment to clean your body, like Dry wipes and wet ones, and, of course, what you must not miss: the Body Spray perfume! What is the reason why Body Spray is so important? Simply because Body Spray can beat musty smells and help your body smell fresh after a day of activities. Particularly when you use Eau de Luxe Series Body Spray which has an anti-bacterial component. It should be fresh, confident, and eager to go on with the day. You won’t get confused as to what Eau de Luxe Body Spray is, MinBae will give you a hint about the different scents!

    • Eau de Luxe Body Spray Lucent: With the sophisticated modern and fresh aromas of Jasmine and Freesia It’s not just going to make you feel more confident and confident, but it will also help you shine anytime, anywhere.
    • Eau de Luxe Body Spray dainty: The distinctive fragrance that comes from Lily of The Valley and soft Musk will never fail to capture the hearts of the people close to you.
    • Eau de Luxe Body Spray Glittery: The refreshing scent of amber and grapefruit won’t make you feel bored! The unique scent is sure to make you an attention-grabbing product!
    • Eau de Luxe Body Spray Fine: The sweet scent from Peony along with Vanilla is always there for a fresh start and takes advantage of opportunities every second.
    • Eau of Luxe The Body Wash Azure: The refreshing scent that comes from Pina Colada combined with sweet Peach is not just a way to make you feel more confident, but also makes you happy and relaxed regardless of your day-to-day activities!
    • Eau de Luxe Body Spray Victress: The characters that is Rose, as well as Woody, will display your flamboyant side in the face of any challenges!

This is the scent of the Body Spray Eau de Luxe Series Do you know something that you find most interesting?

If you’re not sure or would like to learn more about which scent is best for you, look here for more information, HitsBae [click here for more information.

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