Smelling great

Without Fragrance

There’s no way to be a perfume lover… we be respectful of that, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t, and shouldn’t be able to smell fantastic. If spraying the cologne isn’t your thing, here are our top ten suggestions for what it’s possible to make yourself smell Bueno without perfume.

1. Body Wash

The scent of body washes isn’t overwhelming and will leave your skin with a lovely mild scent. Contrary to perfume, people may need to be closer to be noticed however that’s not necessarily a good thing. A good body wash can keep your skin healthy, clean, and well-hydrated. If you’re unsure of how to apply the product, go through our step-by-step guide to keep your skin looking gorgeous and smelling amazing.

2. Deodorant

This one is an obvious fact, but it’s not impossible to rule out. Wear deodorant! A deodorant with a scent will provide a subtle but not overpowering smell. The deodorant you use without scent will mask the unpleasant smells that the body can produce during the day. Choose a product that is free of aluminum and use it regularly. A tip: Apply your deodorant after you have put your shirt on to prevent the possibility of stains appearing on that freshly washed tee.

3. Shampoo And Conditioner

Hair, like your body, may catch unpleasant smells. For those who wear hats frequently, it is crucial. Good quality shampoo and conditioner will not keep your hair hygienic and beautiful and healthy, but it will keep it smelling great as well.

4. Make sure to brush your teeth

Be sure to brush and floss at least three times per day. It’s not just important to keep your teeth in good health however, it’s also important to keep your breath fresh. Breath of coffee in the morning or on your sandwich during lunch garlic pasta at dinner, you’ll understand the idea. Keep your mouth fresh, keep it spotless, and brush it every day three times. It’s recommended to carry around a bag of gum for those unforeseen circumstances, and a small bottle of mouthwash in your car will surely prove useful at some moment.

5. Powder The Boys

It’s not a secret that this area is susceptible to flooding. We’ll just leave the matter at this. The main thing to remember is that you should powder up. the premium powder does more than protect you from chaffing, it can also get rid of sweat, odor, and bacteria and gives you the fresh-from-the-shower sensation all day long. You should look for a product that isn’t made up of aluminum, talc, or menthol. It is essential to choose the finest products on such a delicate subject.

6. Aftershave

Eau Fraiche or aftershave is technically a scent. However, they’re extremely light, with concentrations of just 1-3 percent, and are generally the most masculine scents that are available. In contrast to colognes, and more similar to a body wash the wearer must be near enough to take notice. It’s it’s not always a good thing.

7. Beard Balm And Oil

If you’re sporting a beard, don’t forget about it. It’s also at risk of trapping smells. A good beard oil or oil can ensure that your beard looks and feels great but also doesn’t smell like the soup that you ate at lunch. Apply oil to the beard, and make sure that it smells great.

8. Clean Clothes

You can raise your hand if had the pleasure of smelling a dirty pair of clothes. Yes, we have too. While it’s fine in emergency situations, however, it’s important to ensure that your clothes are spotless. The smell of your clothes is a sure method of ensuring that you’re not smelling like Bueno. Fabric softeners and detergents can help remove sweat and dirt on the clothes after you’ve worn them. If you’d like to kick it up a bit, grab some scents to ensure that your clothes smell great until the time comes to put them on. Clean cotton, clean rain, etc. Anything that has “clean” in the name you cannot go wrong with. Don’t bother with the smell test and know that they’re clean.

9. Spray For Shoes And Shoe

The majority of men do not pay attention to their feet. It’s time to stop this. Sometimes, your feet smell and, more often to be the case with your shoes. A good deodorant for your feet can keep your feet from smelling. A quality spray for shoes can help eliminate bacteria and odor and give your feet the ability to take your shoes off and enjoy a relaxing time whatever the occasion.

10. Diet

Drink plenty of water. Apart from the vital functions water as well as a way to eliminate undesirable smells, such as onions, garlic, or coffee breath. Be aware of what you consume. Certain foods like cheese, chives, and asparagus naturally have a stronger odor and can cause the odors to be more pungent and permeate your body. As with everything, be aware of the environment around you. Seabass and asparagus are perfect to enjoy a relaxing evening at home however when it comes to date night you might want to stick with the dinner of steaks and salad.

Although nothing can take the place of an excellent fragrance we know it’s not suitable for all. If you’re someone who would rather skip the perfume, make sure you follow these easy steps to ensure that you’re still smelling.